about us

San Diego State senior design group comprised of two computer and two electrical engineers. 

Our project focuses on Human Computer Interfaces. We have chosen to use a motion sensor to control the speed and direction of a robot through hand gestures.

Our Project

motion controlled robot

Technomancy is dedicated to stay on track!

Our team

Enrique Sosa

My name is Enrique Sosa. I transferred from Palomar Community College. I am looking to become an RF engineer. I would like to work on either IC design or RF circuit design. I feel comfortable with programming in C and MATLAB though I could use more experience with both. I am looking forward to expanding my knowledge through this project.

Kyle Armstrong

My name is Kyle Armstrong and I am a senior electrical engineering student at SDSU. I have an interest in pursuing communication and control systems in robotics applications. Through this project, I have also developed a particular interest in human-computer interfaces and would like to explore the field more in the future.

Cliff Phan

Cliff is a computer engineering student whose programming skills span both software and embedded hardware. He is greatly inspired by the late programmer Terry A. Davis, who is known for single-handedly building his own working OS from scratch.

Dion Dean

My name is Dion Dean and I am a computer engineering student at San Diego State University. I am excited to finish school and show the world everything I can do! I hope you enjoy our work.